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Serving Virginia and Florida
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Subscription Plans

TNG Legal’s Small Business Legal Subscription Plan(s)

TNG Legal, PLC is happy to introduce its new small business legal subscription plans, designed with small business in mind!

Subscribers will have access to a 15 minute consultation with an attorney each month for those quick questions that shouldn’t break the bank. Subscriber’s will also have access to legal services at more than 20% off of the Firm’s billable rate.

Have you ever had what you thought was just a quick, simple, legal question, or just wanted to run something by an attorney, see if you were on the right track, or just needed a bit of peace of mind about the direction you were headed in? Sometimes the questions really are simple and quick, and with that in mind, to support small businesses, we created a budget friendly legal support subscription service for those quick questions that do not require a full consultation and access to an attorney and other qualified professionals for everyday small business challenges.

For times when you just need a little bit of guidance, a little bit of direction and a little bit of support and you do not want to pay an arm and a leg to get it; we understand and are now offering these subscription plans so you can get the legal support you need for your small business without breaking the bank.

When you need it, budget friendly, high-quality service from experienced attorneys and professionals that know first-hand the challenges of being a small business.

We look forward to supporting your small business!

Please note that the subscription plan is not legal representation and does not make TNG Legal or its attorneys and/or affiliates your attorney. Legal representation if necessary and desired will be described in an engagement agreement separate and apart from your subscription plan; the legal representation is governed by the engagement and will be available at your discounted rate for eligible services. The subscription plan provides access to the 15 minute consultation and the discount on certain transactional services. For more details and to sign up, please scroll down.


15-minute phone consultation with an attorney each month; receive other transactional services offered by the Firm at more than 20% off the Firm’s standard hourly rate such as:


All of the same items as Small Business Fundamentals, plus access to:

The subscription plan is not legal representation nor a retainer; legal representation if requested, will require an engagement agreement for the representation and eligible transactional services would be billed at the contract rate in your subscription agreement as long as your subscription is active and in good standing and the services are among the discounted rate services. See your subscriber agreement for details. All subscriptions plans are for business transactional services only offered by the Firm from time to time. Availability of services and rates are subject to change in accordance with the subscription plan terms and conditions. These plans are only available for small businesses. We do not have individual subscription plans at this time. Depending on the subscribers need(s) services may be provided by Attorney(s), Consultants, and Other Qualified Professionals.

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